Premier Chocolate | Lollipops
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Premier Chocolate produces a vast range of Chocolate Lollipops in all shapes and sizes, from 20g and up to an impressive 120g!  We can also develop a bespoke lollipop mould design for you!

Our capabilities include decorations, including one shot decorations, colour decorations, inclusions, top dressing, and flavouring of lollipops, we use nothing artificial in our chocolate, ever!

We offer traditional bagging of lollipops, flow wrapping, and foil wrapping (project dependant).

Our lollipops are made using Premier Chocolate ‘s own recipe Milk, Dark or White Chocolate, or we can use your own supplied chocolate or compound if preferred, additionally we can provide UTZ or Fair-trade

certifications and will work with you to create your perfect Chocolate Lollipop.

Always popular for the festive seasons Easter, Halloween & Christmas etc., but are available as an all year round treat too! All our lollipops are proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom