Premier Chocolate | Hollow Eggs
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Hollow Eggs

Premier Chocolate has a range of extra special Easter eggs that are different to the rest, from standard Easter eggs in all sizes, to our new geometric chocolate offering, even the Easter bunny can’t rival these! An Easter Egg for everyone in the family…

We have a vast range of Easter Egg moulds in different sizes and designs ranging from 18g up to whopping 1 Kilo, we can also develop a be-spoke Easter egg mould design for you too.

Our capabilities include Egg decorations such as top dressing, 3D moulded designs, indentations, different colour decorations, inclusions and flavours, we use nothing artificial in our chocolate, ever!

We offer a multitude of packing options, including machine foiling, for eggs from 18g to 100g, our unique Skin on Foiling (Chocal) for any shape and size egg (Project dependant), or wrap around hand foiling, we can also bag, flow wrap, paper wrap, and can pack Easter eggs into cartons, including naked eggs into display cartons.

Our Easter Eggs are made using Premier Chocolate ‘s own recipe Milk, Dark or White Chocolate, or we can use your own supplied chocolate or compound if preferred, additionally we can provide UTZ or Fair-trade certifications and will work with you to create your perfect Easter Egg.

All of our Easter Eggs are proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom.