Premier Chocolate | Advents
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Premier Chocolate offers a be-spoke promotional Advent Calendar website, www.Chocadvents.com , where you are able to create your own design, and be in control of your product from start to finish, enabling tracking of all costs & timings throughout the process.

Advent calendars are the best part of the pre-Christmas buzz. So if you have a large scale project, we can help! Our advents are foiled and can have trendy novelty shapes with 3D designs, indentation, or even coloured decorations, which will take them to a whole new level. Our Advents can have different flavours, fillings or inclusions. All of our advents are then packed in a glue sealed carton, before being packed in an SRP.

Our Advents are made using Premier Chocolate ‘s own recipe Milk Chocolate, or we can use your own supplied chocolate or compound if preferred, additionally we can provide UTZ or Fair-trade certifications. Enjoy a delicious piece of delicious chocolate every day, until the big day! All our Advent Calendars are proudly made in the UK