Premier Chocolate | Assorted Confectionery
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Assorted Confectionary

Our chocolatiers at Premier Chocolate, have been lovingly crafting delicious chocolate recipes and creations, for our customers to enjoy for many years.

The options and choices are endless, we offer one shot products which can have any flavours and fillings you desire, including toffee, caramel, fruit purée, fondants, fat fillings, all of which can be flavoured with any flavour, including alchocol. We offer a variation of decorations, toppings, inclusions, and even designed indentations.

Our chocolates are made using Premier Chocolate ‘s own recipe Milk, Dark or White Chocolate, or we can use your own supplied chocolate or compound if preferred, additionally we can provide UTZ or Fair-trade certifications.

Premiers rich chocolate heritage, allows us to bring you a celebration of British tastes and on trend flavours, all our recipes are created with selected ingredients, and proudly crafted in the United Kingdom